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Senait Gidey for CR Fashion Book #3, September 2013

why do some ppl literally not understand that every character isn’t a mouthpiece for an author and therefore characters values or thoughts =/= authors values or thoughts

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The Hagia Sophia of the Rus; Saint Sophia, Kiev.


It was her mother she wanted (requested by buffystark)

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morning haze over south beach from a fire in the everglades.


i know i haven’t been on a lot lately but i just wanted to drop in and let you know that i’m still extremely beautiful, wise, and witty, while also being very relatable


grimes || oblivion

The Harvest Moon is seen rising in the sky above the domes of the Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia on Sept. 8, 2014, marking the third and final “supermoon” of 2014. The phenomenon, which scientists call a “perigee moon,” occurs when the moon is near the horizon and appears larger and brighter than other full moons.


through the years: catelyn tully